Myrianthous Law Firm provides to its clientele comprehensive legal advices and services, in General Commercial and Corporate matters, including:

  • Drafting of Commercial contracts
  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Re-Domiciliation of Companies
  • Corporate governance
  • Strategic legal advice
  • Registration and administration of Cyprus Companies
  • Establishment and administration of International Trusts
  • Incorporation of Funds – (Open and Closed) – and Collective Investment Schemes
  • Legal Audits

The firm provides reliable, sufficient and professional services, to a wide range of Clients ranging from small enterprises to multi-national corporations.

Our Lawyers are fully aware of the needs for legal advices and legal structures, to be compatible with the needs of modern commerce, industry and finance. We strive to ensure that the solutions we are providing are cost effective.


  • Worldwide company formations
  • Corporate and Fiduciary services

Through our partners across the world, we can also offer Corporate and Fiduciary services. These services include:


In 2007, Cyprus implemented in its Companies’ Law, Cap 113 the European Directive 2055/56/EC which has introduced a uniform and simple framework for cross border mergers of limited liability companies.

The directive allows entities to restructure their groups on a cross border basis within the EU without negative tax consequences.

Following the implementation of the said EU Directive, Cyprus legislation allows for the merger of two or more EU member companies, and as a result Cyprus has become a popular destination for this purpose.

The law applies to the merger of limited liability companies formed under the law of a Member State, having their registered office, central administration or main place of business within the community, provided that at least two of these companies are governed by the law of different Member States.