Myrianthous Law Firm is renowned for its extensive experience in litigation and personal injury and dispute resolution, representing plaintiffs and defendants in a range of matters relating to personal injuries claims. These include all forms of motor vehicle, motorcycle, pedestrian, bicycle, drink driving, boating and construction accidents; medical negligence; workplace injuries; and many more.

Our firm represents both claimants and defendants. We provide legal assistance in regards to all possible procedures relating to a Personal Injury claim, including:

  • Advice on the best course of action when pursuing a claim. Whether a claim requires court proceedings or can be settled out-of-court is dependent on the severity of the injury or the complexity of the accident.
  • Advice on the sum of damages to be claimed.
  • Reaching out-of-court settlements through negotiations with insurance companies.
  • Initiating court proceedings when out-of-court negotiations are unsuccessful.
  • Managing the court process from start to finish.
  • Providing judgmental enforcement claim for damages from a personal injury.

Our personal injury lawyers can assist you with any claim arising from an injury that comes as a result of:

  1. Medical negligence or malpractice
  2. A damaged product or faulty service
  3. Defective or unsafe equipment at place of employment
  4. An animal attack
  5. Abuse in a care home

The services of the personal injury lawyer should be engaged straight after the accident so that you have someone by your side every step of the claim. Our team will assist you with your claim to compensation to be used for any expenses, current or future loss of income, temporary or long-term disability, pain and emotional suffering and any other expenses related to the injury.

Medical negligence

Our medical negligence lawyers will provide you with legal assistance on any case to do with injury or harm that you have suffered due to negligence by a health practitioner like a dentist, doctor, midwife, nurse or anaesthetist. Types of negligence include:

  • Prescription or medication errors, for e.g. the wrong drugs or combination of drugs; or the incorrect dosage of medicine or pills
  • The failure to recognise or diagnose symptoms or a specific condition
  • Wrong diagnosis of an injury or condition
  • The delay to recognise a specific injury or condition
  • The delay in treating an injury or condition
  • Inappropriate or incorrect treatment
  • Failure to obtain proper consent

Auto accidents

Auto or road traffic accidents often occur as a result of some form of negligent driving. If you are a victim of this type of negligence, we suggest that you seek the immediate advice of one of our personal injury specialists to discuss the opportunity for compensation. Types of auto accidents include:

  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Bicycle or motorbike accidents
  • Passengers injured in an auto accident
  • Individuals that are victims of unlicensed, drunk, uninsured or hit and run drivers
  • Whiplash

No matter your claim, we offer a free initial consultation to determine whether your claim is valid, how likely your case is to succeed and what the value of your claim may be.