Cyprus is a popular destination for acquiring real estate, be this as a second home or an investment. This is based largely on the top quality of life the country offers, the ease of doing business, attractive legislative and tax infrastructures, investment incentives, low crime rates, excellent educational institutions and medical facilities, and year-round sunshine.

The real estate sector in Cyprus has seen considerable growth over the course of the last few years, with an increase of properties sold to global investors. There has also been a rise in the number of construction projects, iconic commercial and residential developments, and other large scale projects underway.

At Myrianthous Law Firm, we have a strong team of real estate lawyers who understand and have deep insights in the real estate industry in Cyprus and other key destinations across the globe. The team advises and represents clients worldwide and handles all aspects of complex real estate transactions in regards to commercial and residential properties and all forms of real estate development projects. In particular, our property lawyers are uniquely experienced in dealing with every phase of a real estate project, from inception to development to sales.

Areas of specialisation

  • Drafting sales and purchase agreements
  • All matters pertinent to the purchase of a property in Cyprus by a non-EU and EU citizens
  • Assisting in the application for residence for investor and their family where applicable
  • Property Management for persons not residing in Cyprus
  • In the case of large projects, we can advise on matter relating to financing, land planning, environmental approval, etc
  • Estate planning and administration in Cyprus
  • Wills, probate and re-sealing
  • Enclaved Buyers. We provide services to facilitate the transfer of immovable property in the name of «enclaved» (trapped) buyers, namely buyers of immovable property who although they have fulfilled their contractual obligations under the contract with the seller, the latter is unable or neglects or fails to transfer the property in their name, because the property or part of it is subject to a mortgage, memorandum or other encumbrances.

Other information

Real estate in Cyprus is regulated by the Immovable Property (Tenure, Registration and Valuation) Law, Cap. 224.