Myrianthous Law Firm maintains an outstanding reputation throughout the region for advising individuals with regard to issues of wills, wealth protection, estate administration and probate. Our highly experienced team, headed by the Managing Partner of the firm, provides expert advice on Cyprus law related to wills, probate and estate administration. Our services for private individuals include preparation of wills and filing with the Court’s Registry, probate, administration, trusts, asset protection and international estate administration.

Wills are very important documents, requiring careful consideration and clear drafting. Every individual should take advice and instruct a professional to prepare a will, in order to ensure that their property and affairs are dealt with in the way that they want. Our team provides comprehensive advice on all aspects of inheritance, including beneficiaries, administration and tax.

Probate and estate administration work is often a complex and difficult experience, especially for people who do not reside in Cyprus. We will be pleased to assist you at any stage through the complicated area of administering the estate and reduce the pressures and worries of being an executor or administrator. Our team undertakes to deal comprehensively with the process of administering an estate.

This includes establishing the personal representatives’ right to deal with the estate (also known as “Grant of Probate” or “Grant of letters of administration), dealing with the administration of the estate, winding up the estate, settling applicable taxes and distributing the property to the beneficiaries.

Throughout this process, we take on most of the administrative work, provide advice and implement the key decisions of the beneficiaries, e.g. when to distribute and how much and whether to distribute assets instead of cash. At the end of the administration, financial accounts of the Administration are prepared and deposited in Court.

We also have expertise in dealing with re-seals of foreign Grants. We are also able to obtain Grants for Cyprus assets for cases in which the deceased lived and was domiciled abroad.