Cyprus is an attractive destination for investors, individuals and families for several reasons. These include a favourable and transparent tax system, modern legal and regulatory infrastructures, a high quality of life, top educational institutions, the ease of doing business, a large pool of human talent, and access to major European markets.

A contemporary global business centre

A variety of innovative growth sectors such as shipping, real estate, investment, hospitality and tourism, energy, education, filming and start-ups, have also transformed Cyprus into a sought after international business hub with some of the world’s largest corporations setting up presence here. This combined with opportunities for investment across sectors and the benefits that the Cyprus Investment Program grants to foreign investors, has seen the ongoing expansion of the Cyprus market.

Non-EU immigration to Cyprus

Immigrants from outside Europe include asylum seekers and economic migrants. The term “immigrant” is used by the European commission to describe a person from a non-EU country establishing his/her own usual residence in the territory of an EU country for a period that is or is expected to be twelve months.

However, there are restrictive laws and regulations with respect to issuing entry, residence and work permits for the non-EU citizens. They are also subject to changes, continuous adjustments and amendments. In general, all non-EU citizens who intend to reside in Cyprus need to apply for a visa.

How we can help

Myrianthous Law Firm has extensive experience in advising individuals in Immigration Law. Our team of immigration specialists offer advice on a range of matters relating to Cyprus immigration law, and remain continually informed on any regulatory changes. Our lawyers work closely with clients, monitoring all stages of any immigration application until its conclusion.

Types of Visas and Permits

a) Short stay visa

If you intend to visit Cyprus for business or vacation for a period not exceeding 3 months, you are required to apply for a short-stay visa. The visa can be issued as multiple-entry or single-entry. If you plan on travelling to Cyprus frequently for business or otherwise, you may apply for a 1-year multiple-entry visa but the total stay within that period may not exceed 3 months.

b) Temporary residence permits

For any non-EU citizen who will be in Cyprus long-term without taking up employment may apply for a special temporary permit (commonly referred to as the “Pink Slip”). This permit is usually issued for a period of 1-2 years but can be easily extended for an additional 1-2 year period is required.

Categories of temporary residence permits (pink slips) include:

  1. Visitor visa
  2. Student visa
  3. Employment visa

c) Immigration Permits

This permit is for any non-EU national who wishes to be self-employed or take up employment at a Cyprus company or has at their disposal a secure annual income without the need to secure employment or engage in any business or profession; and who meets the criteria of the specific category that such person would fall into, as defined by Cyprus legislation and immigration regulations.

d) Permanent Residence Permits

This permit applies to a non-EU family member of non-EU citizens or non-EU family members of EU citizens who wish to apply for permanent residency in Cyprus.