Myrianthous Law Firm has considerable experience in advising individuals in Immigration Law. Immigrants from outside Europe include asylum seekers and economic migrants. The term “immigrant” is used by the European commission  to describe a person from a non-EU country establishing his/her own usual residence in the territory of an EU country for a period that is or is expected to be twelve months.

However, there are restrictive laws and regulations with respect to issuing entry, residence and work permits for the non-EU citizens.

These laws and regulations are often subject to changes, continuous adjustments and amendments. In general, all the non-EU citizens who intend to reside in Cyprus need to apply for a visa.

Cyprus is an attractive destination for both business and recreation due to its low tax system. The high quality life and services, favorable tax regime and Mediterranean climate are a few of the many reasons why people come to visit Cyprus. For those wishing to invest in Cyprus, the Cyprus Investment Program allows certain investors to acquire Cypriot/EU citizenship or permanent residency rights.

Our Services include:

  1. Visas and Permits
  2. Permanent Residence Visas
  3. Cyprus Citizenship

Living in Cyprus Policy for UK citizens.